NEUS - Black Gold (Single)

Two Can - Holding On To You (NEUS Remix) - Official


NEUS - 1991 EP

NEUS - I Need You (feat. Victoria Dogan) - Out on mau5trap

DJ Soak - Run Away Ft Anderson .Paak (NEUS Remix)

The French Shuffle:
, just injected his own flavor into the explosive track, creating a brilliant release similar to that of Take Me Over (NEUS Remix).
With glowing sawtooth synths and thumping bass guitars, the Frenchman does well to set the song ablaze, bringing it to an entirely new level of excitement, breadth, and much more. Though Run Away (NEUS Remix) isn’t available for download yet, you can still stream it below while we eagerly await its public release.

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NEUS - Slash Dot Dash EP

TEPR - Half Below (NEUS Remix)

The French Shuffle:
The Parisian has been quite active in the studio, bringing together a sleek remix of fellow compatriot,
 TEPR, and his track, Half Below.

With smooth bass lines and light, intermingled synths, the skilled Frenchman turns TEPR’s tension-driven single into a mellow, nu disco anthem.

Check out TEPR – Half Below (NEUS Remix) below and download the remix here.

Blackstrobe - Italian Fireflies (NEUS Reboot)


Kaskade - Whatever Ft KOLAJ (NEUS Remix)

The French Shuffle:
 Classy – that’s one word to describe NEUS’s newest remix. While the French talent keeps us aroused with what he does best, he simultaneously creates a niche, but very entertaining spin on Kaskade’s single, Whatever.


Here is a track inspired by his trip in Berlin.

You can buy the .wav on Bandcamp for a better sound:

FREE DOWNLOAD: NEUS - 777 (Nest HQ Premiere)

Nest HQ:
If you love downtempo French electro, NEUS is a name you should get to know. This French producer picked up by deadmau5’s mau5trap imprint has a penchant for experimental, pseudo-apocalyptic, and downright groove-driven sounds. Undeniably forward-thinking and rhythmically brilliant, NEUS is one to keep on your radar with his beautifully dystopian sounds and euphonically oppressive productions.
Today, we have the privilege of premiering his new tune titled “777” — a bass-heavy industrial jam that impeccably fuses techno with electro, melting into an experimental electronic masterpiece. The groove is undeniable in “777”, allowing our ears to succumb to the hypnotic rhythms and melodic distortions. With its mind-altering finesse, “777” is one of those peak-time weapons you’d expect to hear while dancing at a club at 6:00 am.

NEUS - Rely On Me (Out on mau5trap)


NEUS is back with a new track for the mau5trap's new compilation (WE ARE FRIENDS VOL. 4).

He threw this time some acid modular basses and deep techno vibes combined with hypnotic drums and some sexy female vocals.
Everything get to a well balanced point of the dark genre, efficient and accurate in the style.

NEUS - AMANITA (Out on mau5trap)

It's here, the new track "Amanita" is out on the deadmau5's label, mau5trap.
Once again NEUS is exploring new genres in this last, laying in the dark side of the cinematic genre and low deep industrial.
"Amanita" is the lethal poison originally coming from his side project "Amareda".
To be continued... 


NEUS come back from hell with this new track diving into the darkness and the universe of "Katarina", character of the famous online game "League of Legends".
He unleashed once again a bloody 
low-tempo, dark-techno track,  playing with samples of the game, and the famous character's sentence "Violence solves everything". The message is clear, and the evil is back.
Download it for free.


Release date: 15.08.2014
Label: FTS Records

Some reviews here:

Phantogram - Fall In Love (NEUS Remix)

After his success on the Pharrell Williams's remix "Happy", the producer trend-set to come back with a sweet version of "Fall In Love" from the band Phantogram. This is housy and chill, groovy and melodic, full of love and melancholism.

Pharrell Williams - Happy (NEUS Remix)

After a long time in the dark about remixes, NEUS come back with this version in time, surfing the vibe of the famous new song "Happy" from Pharrell Williams.
Slapping bassline and picking guitars make this tune funky and chill as hell.
You can feel the french touch in the air by the presence and the groove of nice synths.

Some reviews here:

NEUS x KUSTY - Pizza (Free download)

   NEUS and Kusty reunited forces again on this track "Pizza", a bunch of generous ingredients, big sounding bass with a frenchy touch as the producers know how to do as well. 
We can can also feel this piano, funky slapping bass and various instruments as strings giving that touch more entertaining than usual. What gives this track more attractive is the fact this piece is mounted by different parts which is awesome. I'ts free so enjoy!

NEUS - RPRST (Free download)

It's been a long time since NEUS didn't release a freebie, he finally decided to release his track "RPRST" for free, giving the access of this free download on the ALL NAKED page, to let you discover the universe and madness of his booking agency "REWIND" making the famous "ALL NAKED" parties in Paris.
This track, highly anticipated in his set, has definitly made a turn into the banger's genre.
First the infinite break is giving the place to an deep and heavy wobby bassline playing with stereo, bought to you by tight and jerky hats, keeping this track in a real simplicity but definitely effective.